Here are links to some of the websites that are still live on the web:

Chuck Connelly Archives:  Developed / Designed/ Programmed a archival site for painter Chuck Connelly.

Democracy in the Fields: This is a multi-media project (web based) that will collect and share stories of farmworkers who joined Cesar Chavez’s movement 40 years ago in the Salinas Valley, an experience that transformed their lives. A recently rediscovered trove of unique, captivating photographs will be the centerpiece for this exploration of a historic time in California: the summer of 1975, when union elections began in the fields.

Robert Williams Music:  Developed / Designed/ Graphics / Programmed a site for musician Bob Williams.

Specthera Inc:  SpecThera is a biopharmaceutical company focused on low cost specialty medications for the developing world.  I created the graphics, designed and programmed the site.

Atlthera Pharmaceutical:  Developed / Designed/ Programmed a site for a Pharmaceutical company.

The Crusades of Cesar Chavez , A website for an award winning biography of Cesar Chavez.  This is a “one page” WordPress site that explores the different stages of Chavez’s life as documented in the book.

The Union of Their Dreams  This is a manually coded, multimedia website built around javascript and media players.

Miriam Pawel  This is the author’s website and blog – all three were linked.

Wells Vissar Scagliola – Using my own photography I designed and customized the code of this WordPress site for a company that produces high end architectural moldings.

Kumiko Makihara – I built this site for a journalist/author/academic to archive her collection of articles.

College Advising NJ – A website for an independent college advisor.

Websites where I also run the social media and blog:

SageBroadview – I illustrate and assemble a blog, manage the social media and produce content for this firm of Certified Financial Planners working in two states..

Morristown High School HSA – I designed and launched this website for the Home & School Association reaching over a thousand households in Northern New Jersey.  This is a real workhorse site.  We push info out to the community about all high school related activities.  I’ve trained a group of parents to help with social media.

Older projects worth mentioning:

While living in Cairo I designed and built a website for Wadi Foods, one of Egypt’s largest manufacturers of gourmet olive oil and specialty products. I structured, designed, photographed, coded.


WYRED – This was a 1995-7 community based project I worked on through graduate school.
“WYRED is  designed and run by inner city youths from grades six through eleven. The aim of this site, which is based in Troy, is to both create an internet magazine relevant to the hopes, dreams and perceptions of our community and to learn the technical aspects of creating internet documents .

The staff of the WYRED/Sparks consists of young adults from several ethnic, social and cultural backgrounds. The staff ages range from eleven to sixteen years of age. They live in Troy public housing including the Taylor Apartments, Corliss Park and Phelan Court as well as adjacent communities.

The staff is mentored by media artists Ann Sundberg and Wendy Vissar. WYRED/SPARKS meets at The Ark. The Ark is an after school program which holds a dual purpose of assisting inner city children with school work and also providing a creative enviornment for art, music and writing.”

While living in Moscow I worked with a group of child psychologists building the concept and architecture for a site to link psychologists throughout the country.  Their primary goal was to help develop the means to keep children with special needs in their homes by offering support to keep them out of orphanages.   In Russia I was also a part of a team designing a website for Troika Dialog. An independent operator on the stock market.

I also make posters: