• Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, MFA in Integrated Electronic Art, 1998
    This MFA program is an “integrated and multidisciplinary approach to the arts with a focus on the use of experimental and electronic media in artistic creation and performance.” Art practice on the web was the basis of my graduate work both in the community and in my online thesis project, Lekso’s Codebox. Codebox explored, through an ancient set of codes the connection between the ways people interact in the real world and in the online world. It was an honorable mention in Ars Electonica, the premier international competition in cyber arts.
  • Rochester Institute of Technology, BFA in Photography, 1982
    My undergraduate work was focused on photojournalism. I was photo editor of the weekly college magazine which prepared me for work as a newspaper photojournalist.

Continuing Education

  • Columbia Journalism School, Strategic Social Media Workshop, 2014
    Strategy and skills in Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn were at the core of this semester long workshop. Journalists and bloggers who were successful in their fields came in weekly to discuss and teach how to succeed in putting out your message.

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